A Healthy Heart Series

Have you ever thought how difficult it is for your heart to work continuously from the day you were in your mother womb until the the day you will kick the basket,(die) this organ works with No day offs no holiday and most of the times we overwork it bet if we were asked to do only half of the work that the heart does, 90% of us would not even be able to accomplish even 5% of the work. The heart is the only reason why you are alive and still walking , it makes sure that all your vital organ gets enough oxygen to keep you alive, it is the only machine that pumps oxygenated blood to every part of your body and that’s why you are able to read this article right now.

Its a human nature to destroy everything that is good and when the then things are really bad we try to reverse the process which turns out to be impossible, what am trying to say is if you take good care of your heart you wont need to suffer later in life due to coronary diseases, that will course a living hell to you. Your hearts health should be guided by all means through eating well, avoiding stress, doing enough exercise, appreciate and love one another and help those in need .

With that being said we will concentrate on exercise that will keep your heart healthy, therefore promoting a long life and a better one.


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Walking is one of the method that one can keep his/ her heart healthy at all times, there are numerous benefit when this is done right , just to name a few, you will able to burn fats, which if not removed from the body it might lead clogged arteries (i.e the fats normally build up on the wall of the arteries around the heart which makes them to be narrow thus not allowing enough blood to be pumped into the heart or the the vital organs in the body).

Walking faster will be more effective or alternatively if you will be required to walk slowly then walk for a longer distance, you might want to consider listening to some good music for motivation, or identify a work out buddy whom you will be walking together so that you won’t feel bored the exercise also will help in strengthening your back and joints.

Do it 5 times a week with two days rest, the distance can be from 1 km to 10 km depending on an individual capability, the other option will be starting with short distance and increasing the distance days goes by.


Just as walking cycling helps to raise the heart rate, but the good thing about cycling is that the intensity is high, thus you tend to burn more excess fats than walking, you will also be surprised to know that there are also other benefits of cycling as indicated below, the good thing about it is that once you start doing it you will realize it’s fun, and gets even better when you do it in a big group.

Additional Benefits

  • increased cardiovascular fitness.
  • increased muscle strength and flexibility.
  • improved joint mobility.
  • decreased stress levels.
  • improved posture and coordination.
  • strengthened bones.
  • decreased body fat levels.
  • prevention or management of disease.


Swimming is the best out of all the exercises that I normally do, first of all dipping yourself in a cold pool is rejuvenating, secondly when you swim you work each and very part of your body, thirdly when it comes to injuries it is very rare for someone to have an injury due to swimming and if there is they are not serious ones..

Swimming as well does not only help you burn fats but it also helps you gain abs, chest and back muscles if done regularly. besides it helps in maintaining a healthy weight, lungs and heart, it builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness, it reduces belly fat and last but not least it acts as full body workout .

It is recommended to swim for 5 days a week and rest for 2 days, mostly the best timing will be in the mornings.

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5 Reasons why your Car won’t start.

Have you ever experience a situation where you are in hurry to go either to work or any other place, you get into your car put in the key, when you try to start it it wont start, its such an inconvenience

Here are 5 most common reason why your car wont start.


The main causes of a dead Battery will be maybe you forgot to turn off the light mostly probably at night and they stay on the whole night hence draining the battery dry, the other reason will be maybe your battery lifespan has ended, well in this case you will be forced to buy a new one, the alternative will be to try and jump start your car with the jumper cables but this should only be a temporally solution. The main solution will be buying a new battery.


Battery corrosion is also another main reason why your car won’t start and not only that, but it can also lead to other problems like damaging of air condition and and wiring system of the car, this problem is easily noticeable especially with the older ones they will have a white green or blue tinged covering around your battery terminals, post or cables which prevents the efficient electrical flow that enables the process of starting a car to be complete, therefore it is very important to clean the residue that accumulates through this areas by disconnecting the battery, check if the cables are damaged too, from there remove the residue using the any safe cleaning detergent or chemicals which can be easy found in any spare parts shops , wait for it to dry and after its dry apply the battery terminal protectors to avoid the incident from repeating itself.


This is a small motor that gets powered by the battery which is the one that makes your engine start running, there are various indications that might tell you that your starter has a problem and it needs to be changed,

1.Clicking noise when you turn on the key however some of them do not make any noise

2.When you start the car but only the dashboard lights comes up but the engine doesn’t start

3.If your Engine won’t crack even after trying to jumpstart your car then you need to change the starte

4.Bad motor starters can be coursed also by by bad wiring from and to the starter

5.Bad connections and oils leaks or damaged or worn out parts in the car sysyem


If your fuel Filter is clogged this makes it difficult for the oil to reach the engine which makes it difficult for the engine to burn the amount of fuel it needs to make the engine start fuel filters should be changed every 15000 to 20000 kilometers


Most of the time people take their cars the garage thinking that they have a starter of battery problem only to find out the the car had ran out of gas, a car needs a certain amount of oil or fuel for it to start running the engine, therefore its always good to makesure that every day your car has enough oil or fuel to avoid this kind of inconveniences.

How to live a better Life

It is believe that God the almighty does things in mysterious ways that no human being can understand.

When He created the universe i.e. the heavens and the earth, the living creatures both in dry land and in the sea the vegetation and many other things, is it that Jah did not know that we needed cars and pharmaceutical products , of course he knew all about this things but he had a reason of to why he did not create them.

The ecosystems and the universe and all that are in it are all interdependent, that means one thing is connected to another either directly or indirectly for example the plants depends of the sun to grow and human to plant them and take care of them in return the produce food for the human being.

The following are the main reason why we are sufferings as a Human Race as we have decided to go against the mother nature,

1.Lack of Phsical Exercise

Our Bodies were designed in such a way that for them to function better we had to maintain a certain degree of relations with the environment, and all that surrounds it, failure to do soo has resulted to a lot of problems either economically, socially, and even physically. A small example will be the evolution of technology, back then the main mode of transportation used to be the use of Horses, boats or maybe Chariots, with this kind of transportation you had to walk for miles, and if you are familiar with reflexology you will understand that every part of your organ is connected somehow to your legs, walking for distance used to be a way of healing yourself and that’s why the people of that time lived more than 100 years. Now compare that with today most people own cars, that means since when you are young yours dad has been driving you back and forth therefore no time to exercise, no time to socialize because right from when you come back home you will be either watching T.V. on the phone or asleep. This has resulted to many people getting ill not because of the environment that surround’s them, but because of their own will, Sedentary lifestyle illness is what is killing the biggest population, it will reach a point that if you do not have blood pressure, Diabetes or even obesity then you will be considered an outcast.

2. The Food

When the universe was formed the Human being found everything in it including the food and plants, but! we have been corrupted mentally and we decided to genetically modified our food because of greed. The holy books have guided us on what is best to eat, from that we have concluded that the rise of all types of cancers are as a result of genetically modified foods and putting a lot of chemicals during the process of growing plants/ food, because people want to harvest in bulk and large amount that they can sell therefore they do not care about the harm it will do to men and women. We must start growing our own food organically, grow enough for you to eat and maybe to share with your neighbor who might be in need, remember you are what you eat, avoid junk food , take a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, be active most of the time to avoid lifestyle diseases.

3. Pharmaceutical Drugs

The easiest way that one can make money is by making other people be dependent on a certain substance, and that is what exactly the pharmaceutical companies do to you, but they will never tell you that, a certain verse in the bible says that the ”HERBS ARE FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS” a phrase that is mostly used by the Rastafarians when they refer to weed, well its one of the herbs, but in every corner of the hearth there are millions and millions of herbs which are provide instant healing, but we would not know about them because they were not taught in school, through out history we are made to believe that herbal medicine are primitive and are not safe for human consumption but in the real sense its actually the opposite, and this one comes from the horses mouth, as I used to have a very bad chest problem, whereby I had to go the hospital every month, every time I was given the same medicine which used to help but the problem kept on coming back, until the day I came across a very old herbalist who recommended for me to take ginger, lemon, garlic and honey and from that day I have never had a serious problem with my chest anymore.


My Conclusion is that we have been misinformed for quite a long time, its doesn’t matter where you come from or which race or religion you belong to, we need to go and do an inventory of ourselves asking ourselves is this how things should be, and are the systems put before us working for us or are they depriving our potential, as Bob Marley once said ” Brothers you should know and not believe” gather as much information as you can but only take what you believe to be the best and the right information not only for but also for the society that surrounds you.

Exercise most of time, job at least 3 km for 5 days a week, eat to live don’t live to eat, interact more with people, keep your friends close and call your family most of the times.

Lets all have a new begging and celebrate happy lives.

Aluta Continua

The power of a Mango .

When I was a young man, naïve and stupid I  had always always believed that you can’t do anything  unless you are either good at it ,or maybe you are very talented. You can imagine even asking for a date with a normal girl I could not do it because at the back of my mind I was like my lines are very very  poor, am not handsome,(LOL although this part is true hahaha)

I remember  of a time at school that I could not even play  football because my mind whispered to me   that am not good as the other boys,true story this other boys  were shining  infront  of all the chicks or as you may want to call them girls , while poor James remained to be a spectator from from a distance

The breakthrough started coming as I grew up and started having a different kind of a mind set, first and foremost, in high school I wanted to shine and at-least attract 1 if not 2 of the most beautiful girls at  the Star of the Sea secondary School locates in the coastal part of Kenya since I was at that age of discovery .

One day I was sitting under a huge broad and green mango tree, I had a million thoughts in my head, crazy thoughts like should I leave school and become a musician, but I said to myself last time I sung at my granny’s family  reunion she threw her old brown porridge cup at me  and said. ”shut the hell up boy even a frog sings better than you” so that one was a BIG NOOOOO, the second thought was to become a footballer like the famous Kenyan football legend Katende na Mpira again this was a dream on the rocks (just like black label on the rocks) ( it will be fulfilling when an intoxicated with fame but when am sober it will be just miserable me). once again  that field was a no go zone, I kept on thinking in and out  travelling  though my mind all the way in history years and years back meeting with a lot of famous people, I rem meeting Martin Luther king Junior in my deep state of  thinking he was addressing a crowd, he looked at me and he called me out ” Young man come lets go together to the mountain top” I looked at him and moved backward a few steps, and told him ” Bro, Martin you are doing a great job for us and all that I

mean look at all this people   but naaaaa I gonna pass mh!! mh!!mh!! naaaaaaa no! no! no! am good where I am.

While still pondering and overusing my brain beyond my usual capacity of 0.01 percent I felt a sharp pain on my head something had hit me  it was so painful and  scary my heart was beating so fast and loud (you could think they were the  big round African drums during a circumcision ceremony) there and then I stood very quickly I  shouted very  loudly mamayooo nafaaaa mamayooo nafaaa! that even the dead had my scream I literary saw one raising from the grave and shouted at me ”Shut the hell up my kids are trying to sleep” ,it was so loud that even the angels up in the sky stopped working because they thought that God was asking one of them to  come down and die for the humanity the same way  Sir Jesus did, am sure when they knew it was me they were like ” you fool you cant be making kind of jokes do you how painful it was to be crucified naaaaa we aint doing that again”!

I ran with a lighting speed  that at that time even Usain Bolt could have fainted if he was to compete with me , my feet were in the air my hands were swinging at an angel of 180 degrees to ensure maximum speed, my mouth was opening and closing to ensure I got  enough oxygen to keep me going the same way  just the same way the kenyan politician keeps opening investigative  corruption tribunals and closing them without any conclusion so that they can provide more avenues to loot public resources.

After running around  for 1 km non stop  just 1% of my brain told me to stop and see what I was running from, I was very ashamed   I wished the earth would open up and swallow me alive  when I realized  that I was running  away from a mango! which fallen from the tree, it was very ripe and ready to be eaten, there and then I ran back with more energy this time because my main focus was on the yellow round ripe mango which was calling me from a distance, and again I ran for another 1km to the mango because I knew if am late to reach where the mango was i would the only miss the  chance of enjoying the most sweet mango in the whole school but aslo my energy will have been wasted for nothing , am telling you that mango’s value at that time had the value of a Ferrari, it was so important that even Beyoncé if given a choice to choose between Jay Z she would have chosen the mighty MANGO.

  I sat down and started eating the so called juicy MANGO while still pondering what I was going to do with my life. As my grandfather Albert Einstein said there is wisdom in the fruits when an apple fell on him, while eating  very  clear thought came to my mind and I concluded running was what was going to define who I was, From that day I have been running and I have improved my running skills starting  with only kilometres  and all the way recently going all the to a run of 20 kilometres.

Life has a way of shaping you up,and  sometimes the things that we fear most are the things are are our door way to our glory, there is no limitation which level a human being can reach, because there is nothing powerful like a made up mind you either have a negative or a positive mindset.we all have mangoes trees and mango in our life  when  you are hit its up to you to decide if you will run away for good and let your mango be picked up by another person who is more determined focused and courageous or will you turn back look what has hit you  turn than pain into happiness and success the choice is all yours.

In the 90s  there was a belief in the whole world that a human being could not run a mile in less than 4 minutes, then came a gentleman by the name of Roger Bannister who ran a mile in less than 4 minutes, from then until until now over  20,000 people including school kids  have done,its not like gravity changed nor the type of snickers, but what changed was the mindset and the will power.

Stop complaining my friend that I  do not   have this and that just initiate the process how it will happen is none of your business the universe will open a door for you.Don’t let any person pick up your mango no matter the distance run for it as if your life depends on it we all have greatness within us.



Greetings from Mumbi Fitness

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In you have never visited us, make a date for your first visit in this magnificent health club.

A Talk with Granny G (healthy heart Series 2)

My Grand father used to say more often, that a man becomes what he eats, and that one reaps what he or she sows, therefore its very important to be very very conscious of what you consume because it will not only affect you but also affect the generations which will come after you in the future! have you ever heard, of a phrase that this guy or this lady eats like a pig? well it simply means that anything that come to your way it goes right into into your mouth as long as it passes your throat, I have a friend of mine who literally eats anything as long as its digestible, this kind of a person I person I can even share a room with him or else I might wake up one and find one of my leg in a frying pan, mmmmmmmmh! but guess my thigh when its well cooked with Ugali won’t it be delicious?

I know you still don’t believe me when I say you are what you eat right! okay then check out this dialogue between Njeri and her Grandmother (Granny G) when they discuss about the reason why she is able to live for 120years of age while Njeri is only 20years and she already have wrinkles forming on her face, it’s also full of pimples which makes her look like a badly cooked brown Ugali

So Njeri Arrives in Nakuru town from the great city of Nairobi, she had been travelling for like 2hours nonstop, luckly this time there was not traffic, man ooooof because am telling you its a headache most of the time when there are a lot of lorries on the road my friend, your journey takes ages, I remember one time when I was young on our way to Nairobi from the fertile land of Nakuru, or as the call it the Next Vegas, one of the bridges was broken waaaaaaah! we had to wait on the same road for three good days, it was soo bad that people started cooking the items they had carried form their rural areas after Christmas.

So as we were saying Njeri arrives in Nakuru carrying a number of bags you would think that she was running away from her husband, the bags were too many that one thought she was going to my stay there for 6 months, girls shall never seize to amaze us because the bags were only for a week.

She takes a matatu( Kenyan Taxi) after buying some stuff for granny and after like 1hour and 30 minutes,she arrives in this village which is famously known as Kianjoya, the houses are scattered, alot of empty land but filled with trees, and flowers of every kind, the sky is covered with every type of birds, the atmosphere if filled with melodies because of different sounds coming from different sides, you could hear a meaow from a cat, mixed with a moooh from a cow, and equalized with chichichi sounds from the birds, isn’t that amazing, she thought for a while because what she is used is the smoke everyhwere and hooting of the cars, equalized with the bad smells from the garbage in the city.

She approaches the house and upon seeing Granny G standing outside her well fabricated house surrounded by red and white roses, she rushes with a lighting speed, Granny G as well rushes to meet her.

After timeless greeting and hags they decide to go inside the house, but Njeri realizes something about Granny G, despite the fact that she is 120 years old, her dental formula is still intact, she still sees with a very clear sight, and most importantly she had very few wrinkles, her back is still upright and she can still walk, in fact if look at both of them you will think Njeri is 90 years old.

Njeri was very Traumatized, with this situation so she decides to ask granny what is the secrets that she uses to stay soo young, I mean Granny G can even remarry while Njeri by the way she looks, no one will even consider marrying her, and that is where they started their long conversation that took ages. Enjoy

Granny G.” Well My Daughters how are you doing” ( she greets her as she turn on the side where her pot was so that she pour herself and the visitor a cup of hot African Porridge) ”I see you have grown but you look weak and old, oooh Jesus, this generations are lost”

Njeri: OOOOh my God Granny that’s not fair to say (she looks down due disappointment) Granny that hurts my feelings”

Granny: Mmcheew! I don’t care, so what are you gonna die oooh give me a break young girl but that the naked Truth.


The next series the granny will be mentoring Njeri on what to do have live a better healthy and long life by taking care of her heart her body in general.

5 Simple Exercises to do at Home

Lately I have come to notice that the number of unhealthy lifestyle is going up at a very big rate, this is as a result of people not taking time to exercise, eating Junk food , Consumption of too much sugar, stress from home or even at work. Also most people claim that they do not have time yet they have time to go to a bar and drink, time to sit down and watch anything that comes on Tv, they even got time to play video games, in short this are the things that we put as our first priority.

To help you in achieving your fitness goals here are 5 simple workouts that you can do at home without any equipment’s


Before doing any workout it is highly recommended to do stretching so that to avoid any injuries’ to the muscles or body tissues, it also aids in flexibility and the overall strength of the muscles, in other words stretching is like waking up your muscles from slumber and make thern realize that’s they are about to do something special.


It is a side straddle hope where when you jump up you open your legs on the side and close them when they hit the ground hands will be swinging overhead sometimes with a clap where by the movement is done in a rhythm.

For more clarification please see the photo below.

Jumping jacks


Generally this is a simple yet very effective workout, the mechanism in this is that you jog or run but main difference with this one is that you wont leave the sport that you are jogging on, your feet will come back to the same point they took off from, it can be classified as on of the high intensity work if done the right way, Do 4 sets and a repetition of 30 times

Running on sport


Squats are very popular as well and they are done in different ways depending on the outcome you want, it a strength exercise where by the athlete lowers their hips with their back straight then go all the way almost down slowly and then come back up.

The best way to do this is by achieving a goal of 4 sets and a repetition of 20x



Push up are very effective ways of doing exercise while at home where you don’t have equipment’s, doing push ups will enables you to build your lower and upper chest, arms both triceps and biceps, back and shoulders as well as your abs.

There are different kinds of push ups but we will concentrate on a few common ones.


It grows the muscles on the upper body, that is the chest shoulders biceps and triceps, additionally it strengthens the core and back

For you to be able to do it right stay in a standard push up position as indicated below with your feet together or maybe 12 inches apart with your hand supporting from the ground, they should be straight inline with the shoulders, then push you body downwards until your chest torches the flow breath in as you do that then push yourself up again and while breathing out.

For a beginner he /she can do 10 repetitions for 3 to 4 sets


This kind of push up concentrate more on the upper body -(chest arms and shoulders) with more focus on the core and pectoral muscles. The hands are wide spread into a distance of 30 inches, note that the wider the hands the difficult it gets, the breathing sequence is the same as described up breathe in when pushing down and breath out when pushing up , do 3 to 4 set and 10 repetitions


This type of push ups focus on the upper body -(chest arms and shoulders) and the back with more focus on the triceps

For this kind of push ups your hands are together at an angle of 45 degrees in a way that your index finger and thumps are touching each other to from a triangle Don’t forget to keep the triangle below your chest while doing the workout.

for better understanding refer to the image below

This workouts if done daily will help your overall health and will lead into giving you a good body that you have always desired.

Stay Tuned for more articles regarding health and fitness.


5 Reasons why your Car won’t start. — ALUTA CONTINIUA

Have you ever experience a situation where you are in hurry to go either to work or any other place, you get into your car put in the key, when you try to start it it wont start, its such an inconvenience Here are 5 most common reason why your car wont start. DEAD BATTERY […]

5 Reasons why your Car won’t start. — ALUTA CONTINIUA

The power of a Mango . — ALUTA CONTINIUA

When I was a young man, naïve and stupid I  had always always believed that you can’t do anything  unless you are either good at it ,or maybe you are very talented. You can imagine even asking for a date with a normal girl I could not do it because at the back of my […]

The power of a Mango . — ALUTA CONTINIUA


The majority of us are not living the best way that we should, 80% of the world population is sad, lonely or even depressed, because most of us have conditioned ourselves with a mentality that is false, we lack the ability to explore ourselves and determine who we really are. A few months ago I […]


Take It Easy It

The majority of us are not living the best way that we should, 80% of the world population is sad, lonely or even depressed, because most of us have conditioned ourselves with a mentality that is false, we lack the ability to explore ourselves and determine who we really are. A few months ago I had a chance of interacting with several people from different backgrounds, culture, religions and sex orientation, I asked all of them the same question which was very simple ” Are you happy with what you are doing right now and was this your dream”. I was very surprised to find out 65% of the people were not happy with what they were doing, in-fact they had completely different dreams in life which got stuck somewhere at some point.

The following are some tips that might help to unleash the potential that is trapped in you and how you can make it shine to others and by so doing we will be moving our societies forward as well as creating a better world for our children to come.

  1. Define who you truly are.

Majority of us have fallen into the trap of mental slavery, our minds have been fully colonized that we are not able to think freely anymore, everything we do is based on what we see on the news or what the celebrities are doing, or even what we were taught in school, that’s why many of us go to school after graduating get a job work until you die, and the same whole circle is passed from generations to generations. its a high time that we should really think it through again and decide what do we really love doing without getting tired, something that you very passionate about , when you have the answer to that question then know that is what you should be doing throughout your life. as Less brown once said ” Success is doing what you like and let somebody pay you for it. therefore evaluate yourself and decided if you want to stay the way you are are or you want to turn your life around. you got what it takes.

2. Choose your Friends Wisely

Friends play a very big and important role in life therefore choose wisely, in life you are either rich in two ways when you have a lot of money, or when you have a very loyal friends, so make sure your friends are the real ones, that’s why its better to have a very small circle of friends, but friends who will be there for you anytime you need them, am talking of friends whom you will call at 12midnight and you tell him are in jail and they come and bail you out and vise versa, for a friend in need is a friend indeed.

3. Live your life

Never depend on someone to make things work for you or even ask for favors that will bind your freedom, help whoever you can and forget about it, your blessings will come through another door, Never live your life with the aim of making someone happy be it your friends, or family members, compromise should be there but not into an extent of suffocating your own happiness and freedom. Live today as if there was no tomorrow.

4. Exercise Regularly

Find time at least 3 days a week an exercise routine , there are variety of workouts that you can do both indoors and outdoor, workouts will boost your energy levels, improve you daily mood,, reduce the cholesterol levels, promote general health and many more benefits. It will not be easy in the beginning but as you continue you will develop a habit of doing it more often. there are millions of exercise tutorials on YouTube which can help you to get started, remember a healthy body has a healthy mind.

5. Develop your Mind

Your brain is just like a plant it needs constant and continuous watering weeding and proper care for it to grow, you brain is a seed that can germinate only when taken care of, therefore develop a habit of listening to something positive everyday for at least 30 minute, like motivational speakers such as Les Brown, Tony Robbin, Eric Thomas and many more this will boost you confidence to a greater level, read books related to you field of work or interest books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Power Of Focus, The Power of Now, The Richest Man in Babylon and many more what you will be doing grow you mind into a level that it cannot be shaken no matter the situation, for there is nothing strong as a mind that is full of knowledge which come with wisdom as a package.

6. Help Someone

Help someone in need for that is where your blessing will come from and don’t expect anything in return. The blessing that people normally proclaim with their mouth will for sure follow you, and that habit will be passed forward.

Therefore to conclude do not aim to have a rich life but aim to live a happy fulfilling life.

Aluta Continu