Stop complaining

So yesterday  I left the house happy energetic and ready to face this challenging day, as I was walking  through the streets people were staring at me not because I was an alien to them but they could not imagine how  it was possible for a normal human being to walk outside while the temperatures had risen all the way to 50degrees in the Arabian Gulf.

Upon reaching the bus station I found a group of people who were also waiting for the bus but the difference between them and me is that they were sweating, their clothes were all soaked with sweat, while I was as dry as a baked bread, so they were also staring at me and wondering how is this possible, until finally one tall brownish looking young man approach me and made a comment which was somehow humiliating.

He looked at me from head to toe, adjusted his pants and he said the words made me feel like I would smash him on the head ”so it must be very hot in the jungle haa that’s why you ran away from there, I know it’s very cold for you here” maaamayee!!!!!!  I screamed but silently in my inner me coz I was burning with anger, I wanted to eat this man alive so that when he dies God will look at him and say what happened to him am sure I did  creat him this way.

To cut the long story short I just looked at him smiled and looked away because I know that people are soo frustrated nowadays right from home, the place of work, the society, and their governments maybe that they cannot even think of simple solutions like cooling yourself down if you know you will be walking in a hot environment as such, to wet your clothes which take away the heat hence you don’t sweat nor do you feel the heat.


The Message am trying to pass across is that we have a solution for each and every problem we encounter but instead have been trained to complain more than to solve issues to blame more than to learn how others are doing things.






Religiuos warfare

To me personally, I believe that no region is bad but we human beings are the one who makes it sound or look bad, the way we interpret the Holy Books be it the Quran or even the Bible, is what determines the outcome of whether you will bring out love or hatred.

When Jesus came down from heaven came with a message of peace and love so did  Prophet Mohamed, there is no time since the creation of the universe where  this two great prophets preached hatred, or encouraged war or even killing of innocent people be it you are a Christian or a Muslim, but instead the brought with them a message of hope.I have been brought up in a country which is a cocktail of religions, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhist and Jews, and we all coexist in peace because we believe we are all human and at the end of the day we are all facing the same challenges, so why waste our energy and resources fighting each other.

The  terrorism war  that has been going is not a war that was generated by Muslims but by the few evil secret society  members who wants to cripple the middle east regions so that they can have full control of their resources, a propaganda that has been made to be soo true because they can make us believe what they want us to believe.

Let’s do a small observation, Somalia and Nigeria and very poor countries, right? where would they get such great weapons that are even much powerful than the government army,  because I know very well they can’t afford where do they receive such good training, that’s why Bob  Marley once said that you can full some people some time but you can full all the people all the time,.

Another Observation was when Obama said that they captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, I believe him having committed such a crime on Sep 11 the Americans citizens had the right to see his body confirm that he was dead just like what the did to the great African Giant Gaddafi and Sadam Hussein,  but his body was nowhere to be seen it’s a high time that we should wake up and start thinking for ourselves, because our governments would not tell us the truth neither is the media coz this two are controlled by the same people.

In conclusion, Region is a wonderful thing if done the right way and its the only thing that can heal the world only if practised the right way, take time and read these great books ask God to help you understand the meaning instead of going to a person who has got his own wicked agenda.


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