The Devil Behind The Curtain

Lets, first of all, see what democracy is: it is a system of government by which power ultimately comes from the people who are governed either through direct voting or through elected representatives.  its all about giving the people the power to elect the leaders they desire, it’s more of like a father allowing his son to chose a wife on his own instead of an arranged marriage, that is what real democracy is and that is what we dream to see.

Democracy is helping the less fortunate countries built better economies, eradicate poverty, lower down the rate of illiteracy, eliminating hunger, protecting and preserving mother nature, having one goal and one big huge word family, where colour gender, race, sexual orientation, class or physical appearance is a thing of the past.

Once a wise man said that if you tell a lie and repeat over and over again sooner or later the society will take it as the truth, democracy, as we have learned from the media, is when good leaders are termed as dictators while the real bad ones happen to be heroes,

America, United Kingdom, France and many other European countries done this since the time of slavery, to this time of neo-colonialism, stealing all the way from Asia Middle East and Africa.

Just a few questions you to ask yourselves why is it whenever they land in a country in the name of democracy that country never recovers and what follows is tragedy, war poverty and deaths, they landed in African during the colonial periods what followed what slavery deaths and later after that was war in every single part of Africa.


They invaded Iraq in the name of Nuclear weapons  which they themselves have alot after invading and killins millions of civilians no weapons were found  in the name of removing Sadam Hussein to bring democracy but today there is war deaths and hunger in many parts of Iraq a country which once was peaceful and reach in history now it’s only the ruins that remain they did so with Afghanistan, so that they could take over the Opium plantations, they killed Gadaffi because the threat and the power he had to change the African continent and make it great again just like in the time of the first civilisation of the Nubian empire.

IRAQ  Libya Syria and Yemen before  and after Us Democracy



They introduced terrorism  but somehow did not through right after Neto went to Libya that was only when slavery started in Libya,

My fellow citizens of the earth a day is coming when Babylon shall fall  like a huge landslide and my people shall b free once again but don’t get tired, of fighting for that change you want to see, the battle might be hard, but inch by inch we shall conquer this the devils in the curtains.

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Recipe of a better world

We are all scared of what is going on in the world right now because we don’t  know what might happen tomorrow, will we! wake up one morning and find our homes have been swept away by floods, Hurricanes, earthquakes, or maybe find ourselves displaced as a result of a war break out in our countries or due to tough economics conditions?.We are a huge population of 7.2 billion people in this universe so if we have the guts we can eliminate this nightmare and make our mother earth a stupendous place to leave.Here are my few suggestions of how we can do it.



Let’s simplify this we are 7.2billion human beings in the world and  if everyone  of us is mandated to plant just a single trees of any kind  that will be 7.2billion additional trees which will increase the forest cover from the current 10% per country to 20% and let’s say that is done annually for a period of 10 years then we will have solved the issues of water shortage, food insecurity, floods  and the whole issue of global warming, as well as the fear of rising sea levels, will be long forgotten, we have solutions in our hands but we are afraid to  put them into action because nobody  wants to change


2.No Borders Among Countries 



Together we stand Divided we fall and  divide and rule are phrases we hear every day but we don’t take them seriously, simply because we have been taught to follow what we have learned in school, and no questions asked, we have been made to believe that a certain group of people are better than the others maybe because of their  skin colour or maybe because of their wealth, just Imagine a world where there are no countries, no borders, you can go where ever you want to go work anywhere, a world where we see each other as fellow human beings, not as people from such and such race, or from such and such countries we can do it if we decide to do just like one time in history when men were all united during the time of the tower of Babylon, we are the only ones who can bring the change we want to see.




3. Intermarriages



love is blind and it knows no colour these words are used often  because they are very true, just imagine if 50%of the population married outside their race, we would have a half of the world population with a new race  that does not know what is racial wars  discrimination and hatred  because that will have been swept away by the intermarriage.


Think about it, its very simple if we try maybe if not all those suggestion just try one and you will be contributing to a better world for our future generations to come.

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Stop complaining

So yesterday  I left the house happy energetic and ready to face this challenging day, as I was walking  through the streets people were staring at me not because I was an alien to them but they could not imagine how  it was possible for a normal human being to walk outside while the temperatures had risen all the way to 50degrees in the Arabian Gulf.

Upon reaching the bus station I found a group of people who were also waiting for the bus but the difference between them and me is that they were sweating, their clothes were all soaked with sweat, while I was as dry as a baked bread, so they were also staring at me and wondering how is this possible, until finally one tall brownish looking young man approach me and made a comment which was somehow humiliating.

He looked at me from head to toe, adjusted his pants and he said the words made me feel like I would smash him on the head ”so it must be very hot in the jungle haa that’s why you ran away from there, I know it’s very cold for you here” maaamayee!!!!!!  I screamed but silently in my inner me coz I was burning with anger, I wanted to eat this man alive so that when he dies God will look at him and say what happened to him am sure I did  creat him this way.

To cut the long story short I just looked at him smiled and looked away because I know that people are soo frustrated nowadays right from home, the place of work, the society, and their governments maybe that they cannot even think of simple solutions like cooling yourself down if you know you will be walking in a hot environment as such, to wet your clothes which take away the heat hence you don’t sweat nor do you feel the heat.


The Message am trying to pass across is that we have a solution for each and every problem we encounter but instead have been trained to complain more than to solve issues to blame more than to learn how others are doing things.






Religiuos warfare

To me personally, I believe that no region is bad but we human beings are the one who makes it sound or look bad, the way we interpret the Holy Books be it the Quran or even the Bible, is what determines the outcome of whether you will bring out love or hatred.

When Jesus came down from heaven came with a message of peace and love so did  Prophet Mohamed, there is no time since the creation of the universe where  this two great prophets preached hatred, or encouraged war or even killing of innocent people be it you are a Christian or a Muslim, but instead the brought with them a message of hope.I have been brought up in a country which is a cocktail of religions, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Buddhist and Jews, and we all coexist in peace because we believe we are all human and at the end of the day we are all facing the same challenges, so why waste our energy and resources fighting each other.

The  terrorism war  that has been going is not a war that was generated by Muslims but by the few evil secret society  members who wants to cripple the middle east regions so that they can have full control of their resources, a propaganda that has been made to be soo true because they can make us believe what they want us to believe.

Let’s do a small observation, Somalia and Nigeria and very poor countries, right? where would they get such great weapons that are even much powerful than the government army,  because I know very well they can’t afford where do they receive such good training, that’s why Bob  Marley once said that you can full some people some time but you can full all the people all the time,.

Another Observation was when Obama said that they captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, I believe him having committed such a crime on Sep 11 the Americans citizens had the right to see his body confirm that he was dead just like what the did to the great African Giant Gaddafi and Sadam Hussein,  but his body was nowhere to be seen it’s a high time that we should wake up and start thinking for ourselves, because our governments would not tell us the truth neither is the media coz this two are controlled by the same people.

In conclusion, Region is a wonderful thing if done the right way and its the only thing that can heal the world only if practised the right way, take time and read these great books ask God to help you understand the meaning instead of going to a person who has got his own wicked agenda.


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The Son of a Tailor

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I am a son of a tailor poor in the eyes of the society yet rich in the eyes of God, my mother the tailor makes clothes for the whole town she makes them shine and look admirable fashionable and on the current trade as possible yet she can not afford to make a single dress for herself, simply because she cannot afford  a material to make one despite having all the equipments.


I am a son of a tailor whose legs are always swollen and sometimes she can barely walk because she spends 20 hours on the sewing machine trying to finish up every order she gets even   or else she won’t get paid, late at night when everyone is sleeping she is agonising in pain her blood pressure is up her eyes are tired and her body is soo weak just like a soldier who has just escaped death.

I am that son of a tailor who despite all this pain she forces herself to smile and pretend that everything is okay while at night she covers her head with the pillow and cries with pain because of the swollen legs, I can  hear her crying  and most of the time well coz of the pain in her torn soul, I Join her  but I never want to show her that I know what  is going on! nor will I want her to see me crying because my great grandfather(Grandpa Gachanja major)told me that men never cry, she cries not only because of the pain but because she has no Idea what her four children will eat, wear or even  where they will sleep if she does not get enough cash the following day.

I am the son of a tailor who is seen as a curse in the society simply because his mother is poor, they see impossibilities in me, yet they don’t know what am capable of, they see failure because success to them is defined on how much wealth or cash you can accumulate, but they don’t they see  power that is in me, (hehe poor lost generation )they don’t see that I can be there only hope come one day because I know that I might be useless in front of their eyes yet I might be the only source of Kemet wisdom my brain could be rich than that of Mensa Musa but  I don’t blame them it is the way they have been negatively programmed to look in one direction even if it is leading them to hell.

I am that son of that poor tailor whom they laugh at every single day when they are being driven to school while I walk to school but I don’t blame them, if only they could know how many beautiful  things I encounter  with while walking which are provided free by mother nature, like the ladybirds, flowers, the hardworking bees and termite as they work foot and mouth to finish their work yet they don’t complain, the sweet melodies sang by the hornbill birds,  the soothing beutical feeling created by the water flowing from different patrs of the town (swaaaaash)they live to eat, while I eat to live yet they call me poor, ooooooh!!!!! I forgot to them success is defined in wealth and money not the beautiful  things nature can offer, the good long life you get when you walk every day, and the happiness you feel when you smile back at the nature when you realize how blessed you are.


I am that son of a tailor who prefers not to go to where the path may lead and end up just like this other normal boring human beings, but rather follow my own path of happiness, and leave a train so that the future generations can follow, because if being happy is brought by wealth then Bill Gates won’t be busy looking for more to an extent of creating biological warfare like Ebola just for the sake of money, its like when he dies the money will buy him enternal life in heaven .

I am that son of a tailor who believes and lives by what Bob Malley  once said that money is just like number s  never ends. If it takes money to be happy tyour searcharch for happiness will never end.

As a son of a tailor, I urge you to find what makes you happy just like my mother (the tailor) made me believe never follow the crowd but create your own, be a king of your own empire after all the society if all Rotten.


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It takes the whole village to raise a child

images  A Chinese bamboo tree is very famous because of its height and the market value that it holds, but all this greatness does not come with a silver spoon but it takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and patience before the farmer gets to enjoys the fruits of his or her labour.

It takes 5years of watering and fertilisation. every single day and if at any point if this does not happen the Chinese bamboo tree will die on the ground, after 5yrs in only 6 weeks it grows 90fits tall, isn’t   that amazing? but the question is does it take 5years or 6 weeks to grow well the answer is that it take 5years to nature it, to build that foundation, to build the credibility.

What if the parents today applied that philosophy and use it to bring up their children, we won’t be having the likes of Donald Trump but rather the likes of Paul Kagame, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many more whose lives changed millions of people.

The parents nowadays have lost track in bringing up their children that is why we have a generation of young people who cannot give a seat to olds folks  or a pregnant  woman in  a bus or a train, a generation that cannot take risk but they expect everything to be done for thema generation of cowards, I was brought up in a way that whenever I did anything wrong whoever who was older had the right to punish me on behalf of my mother and he or she will make sure that my mother knows and that is why I became who I am today, it was the mandate of the whole town or village to bring up a child in the right way. In other words parents during those days planted a bamboo tree in their young ones and let the society help in fertilising and watering it until when it broke the ground, and with that, they were able to produce strong courageous and fearless members of the society.

They canned you when you were young, they reasoned with you when you were a teenager and once you were 18yrs old now you could decide for yourself, unlike this lost generation whereby the Kids can say what they want to whoever they want and get away with it, they can publicise their bodies on social media for the sake of likes  and the parents do nothing, can’t we see that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Our children follow what we teach them and what we do, kids will never hate discriminate, love or be racist if they were not either taught by their parents or the society at large, therefore I say that we still have room  to change as parents to make the world a better place because other planets are occupied already.


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You only need water to live a healthy life

waterWater the most common substance in the universe,  but the question is where did it come from?, why is it soo eminent into our lives, it cover 70% of the earth surface and soo is our body, this ancient element has been there since the bygone age of the creation of the earth by the Almighty and until now it is still very very essential to us in our daily lives.

”Water is life ”is a slogan that has been there since the time of Adam and Eve it was there long before the earth was created  it covered the whole surface of the earth at that time, you will agree with me that it is a magnificent element that gives life to plants, the sea creatures, and the human beings because every time a mother is about to deliver a baby you hear them shouting ”oooooh ooh the water just broke so technically that fluid in the mother’s womb is what preserves that child that is why it makes 70% of the human body.

When I was young I inherited this behaviour of taking a lot of tea from my  tenacious African queen or my mother, I used to take a minimum of ten cups of tea per day, well I thought at that time that this was not harmful to my body, moreover it was just tea, in 2009 I left my country to Bahrain, where this habit became even more vehement, later on I started being sick, more often, I had fever like every week  and flue was part of me just like a gun is to  soldier, or like lies is to a politician, hospital and pharmacy became my most favourite centers, my friends used call me a dead man walking, I even almost lost my eyesight, a headache made my head feel like it was 10000 pounds heavy, I used to blame God for allowing this to happen to me little did I know it was not Him but me.

One day I came across an article that talked about water being used as medicine in Japan so I said that I was going to try it out, so I did as the article said which was to take 4 glasses of water in the morning after waking up then wait for 45minutes before taking breakfast, for the first few weeks it was very difficult, but after some few weeks it was okay.

After  the third week I started seeing changes in  the body my skin became healthy and shiny once again, my digestion became better, the urine became clean and pure my eyesight improved I could see well and the light  especially the sunlight never affected me anymore, I never get fever anymore like I used too and I get it I never rush to the pharmacy, because all ou need is H20 to bring down your body temperature

Water carries a very great and strong healing power especially the alkaline water because your body functions well in an alkaline state than in an acidic state

Define Your Purpose In Life

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle  let me first start by saying that our lifestyles  especially in this  period of time where there is tremendous  competition in all aspects of life be it in fashion, eating habits, how much wealth you have accumulated and soo on and soo forth we are soo desperate to fit into the society and by doing soo we end ruining our health, relationship and  many other things which could be avoided simply  by taking time to discover ourselves and what do we really want in life, maybe think about what is our mission here on earth, we are all here for a certain purpose that’s why we have different names, appearance and our habits are also the same, so lets find  our purpose on this planet and follow that passion in us, let us creates new paths for our future generations