Speak life

I pray thee, I pray thee
Once again
I wonder if you’re surrounded by ones of such talent,
Speak life
Live a humble and meek life
Ordinary day of the week life
Try to search and seek life
Way up
Keep your head up and stay up
Even when you sore and pain love
Never giving up till its game up
Keep your aim up
And focus
Don’t concentrate on what’s bogus
Never sell out for a bonus
Handle your biz like grown ups
Own up
It’s amazing
The way Jah fire keeps blazing
That’s why I constantly praise him
For some of them it’s a phase thing
So they’re gazing
On the street lights
Till dem go catch up in street fights
Cause are pretending they’re street wise
And put an end to a brief life
I feel like
It’s a mystery
How we can keep repeating our history
Making the same mistakes as our ancestry
Seems like all of life lessons missed we
It’s risky
So give praises
One day you may find your oasis
Rise up to the challenge you’re faced with
Be hopeful and creative
You’ll make it
It’s basics
People been doin’ it for ages
In many other cultures and places
On a regular basis
There’s so many cases
Let’s face it
Way too much time has been wasted
Building military bases
Fighting our war with no bases
Life is sacred
An’ every bare people naked
Some of ’em nah gwaan like dem risk big
And don’t care what they making
They can’t take it
So speak life, man
All this darkness don’t feel right man

One is the best poetry ever produced in the 21st century

By Damian Marley

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