Your time is coming

For three decades or if I may say the last 30 years of my existence in this planet, I have spent my life looking for a perfect companion or a life partner, I have been in and out of relationship but all was in vain, at one point I had lost hope and promised my soul that it won’t get a soulmate since I couldn’t find the one that fills the fountains of my heart desires.sometimes I would find myself thinking aloud and saying to myself “James just accept and move on you know being a bachelor is not a bad thing after all you will be free” but somewhere inside in me I heard another small inner voice whispering to my ears ” eeeeeih Rasta God has plan for everyone and when your time comes you shall meet the one God has chosen for you” that inner voice kept me going through, it gave me hope to wait and be patient. I was never happy because I was lonely. But in 2017August I change from that face up there to this one below. Because an angel was sent from heaven to come and rescue my soul, I could tell that she was an angel, because her Beauty resembles non of us on planet earth,her lips are as red as a rose flower while her smile is as clear as still water which reflects to everyone around her, her voice is soft and conforting, her eyes produces tear of joy that, which soothes my heart,when she speak the whole world listens her words are full of wisdom yet so romantic, she is richer than queen Elizabeth not financially but lovewise, surely the heavens must have lost a very important angle. From the day she came to me she has brought me more laughter, and fun when I see her I see hope love and passion write on her face She had made to be a better yet a more responsible man. I thank God for her for I will cherish and love her forever. The moral sometimes we give up very fast when things don’t work out for us forgetting that everyone one of us has his or her own time when things will turn on our favour but most of us are not patient and we think that this is it for us, we forget that even that seasons come in different times, when it is the right time,but also we must remember for your time to come you must go through a process for you to reach to where you want to or to get what heart desires, just like a farmer plants crops but before he gets the harvest he will have to through a series of process which is not easy but when his time comes then he gets to enjoy the harvest he worked for. Never give Up keep on pressing on and be patient, don’t worry if it takes long your time has not come yet. Aluta CONTINIUA Follow me at Facebook James Gachanja Instagram James Gachanja

The Devil Behind The Curtain

Lets, first of all, see what democracy is: it is a system of government by which power ultimately comes from the people who are governed either through direct voting or through elected representatives.  its all about giving the people the power to elect the leaders they desire, it’s more of like a father allowing his son to chose a wife on his own instead of an arranged marriage, that is what real democracy is and that is what we dream to see.

Democracy is helping the less fortunate countries built better economies, eradicate poverty, lower down the rate of illiteracy, eliminating hunger, protecting and preserving mother nature, having one goal and one big huge word family, where colour gender, race, sexual orientation, class or physical appearance is a thing of the past.

Once a wise man said that if you tell a lie and repeat over and over again sooner or later the society will take it as the truth, democracy, as we have learned from the media, is when good leaders are termed as dictators while the real bad ones happen to be heroes,

America, United Kingdom, France and many other European countries done this since the time of slavery, to this time of neo-colonialism, stealing all the way from Asia Middle East and Africa.

Just a few questions you to ask yourselves why is it whenever they land in a country in the name of democracy that country never recovers and what follows is tragedy, war poverty and deaths, they landed in African during the colonial periods what followed what slavery deaths and later after that was war in every single part of Africa.


They invaded Iraq in the name of Nuclear weapons  which they themselves have alot after invading and killins millions of civilians no weapons were found  in the name of removing Sadam Hussein to bring democracy but today there is war deaths and hunger in many parts of Iraq a country which once was peaceful and reach in history now it’s only the ruins that remain they did so with Afghanistan, so that they could take over the Opium plantations, they killed Gadaffi because the threat and the power he had to change the African continent and make it great again just like in the time of the first civilisation of the Nubian empire.

IRAQ  Libya Syria and Yemen before  and after Us Democracy



They introduced terrorism  but somehow did not through right after Neto went to Libya that was only when slavery started in Libya,

My fellow citizens of the earth a day is coming when Babylon shall fall  like a huge landslide and my people shall b free once again but don’t get tired, of fighting for that change you want to see, the battle might be hard, but inch by inch we shall conquer this the devils in the curtains.

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