A letter to my son



My son am lying on this death bed,  I see  you keep on crying every time a cough,and run out breath you wish that I will be well so that we laugh and play as usual, well its my desire too but as the old proverb says, that a man come to the universe to accomplish a mission which as a write this letter to you I believe I have accomplished mine and my time to be elevated to the next level has come, therefore my child weep no more.

You are still very young,  tender, naive and very very innocent, you are a kind  hearted fellow, you carry within you a great hunger for knowledge and wisdom, I know that by the questions you keep on asking , how you stare and concentrate when am talking or teaching something.

Am leaving this hateful corrupt  universe but I want you put in mind that as you grow up you will come across many people who will push down, some of them will hate you, some will fight you with the aim of destroying what is in you, at some point you will feel worthless, hated, rejected, useless, a minority, worthless and even you will feel like taking your life, or leaving to a place where there is no people, hard times are coming my son difficult that when a one tries to go down a thorny tree, you will feel hopeless like a poor man trying to put  off lava  from an active volcano with a bucket of water dangerous like a suffer trying to surf through a tsunami,  Tough time are coming.

I want you to remember my son that you have greatness in you that no one else have in the planet and that is why you will pass through a lot of tribulations, persecution and many more, please do not give up for I will be watching from the distance have the courage of a KENYAN  Maasai Moran when he goes to kill a lion in the wildness, have the confidence of the great Mohamed Ali even if you know you will not win, search for wisdom so that you can the modern King Solomon,Fight your wars like Samson, because the force within you is a mighty one.

MY son am at peace now because I know the world is in good hands .

I can die in peace but remember that I will always be on your side




2 thoughts on “A letter to my son

  1. Your head might be small but inside of it comes out alot of wise words to keep us growing … may God promote you and guide u as you write more..coming…proud of you.


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