Give And It Shall Come Back To You


Today morning I was caught up in a funny situation, I was alone looking straight at a tree, when my friends came to they were amazed, they thought I was high   HAHHAH.

What they did not know is  that I was  thinking of how did this tree grow from a tiny seed into a huge widely spread tree providing shades to hundreds of people every day, supplying fruits to millions of hungry people throughout the years, without failure, but in every season.

How did it survive the harsh climatic conditions, the heavy rain, floods, the dry hot seasons the hurricanes, and many more.

After ages of time and after a very keen detailed observation, I concluded that  from the beginning a seed cannot germinate without the help of a farmer,a farmer cannot be able to plant the seed if there is no soil, the soil cannot be able to germinate the seed if there is no sunlight to provide chlorophyll   after the seed germinates the and the tree starts to grow it has to give nutrients to the soil through the roots so that the soil will be more fertile and be more strong, when the tree is grown it gives back to the sun by attracting rain therefore reducing the amount of the evaporated  water in the sky  and also in return it acts as a water catchment ares to avoid the soil being washed away therefore that why the tree survives hundreds and hundreds of years.

In life that we live in we cannot make it alive by ourselves, we must have people around us who push us through to accomplish what we want and in return we have to give but directly or indirect, friends family and the people we come across in our day to day life your plays a huge role in your life , treat them well, support them and be on their side whenever they need you, because you will need them one day.

Be a firm tree that gives back when the time to give comes.



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