The Devil Behind The Curtain

Lets, first of all, see what democracy is: it is a system of government by which power ultimately comes from the people who are governed either through direct voting or through elected representatives.  its all about giving the people the power to elect the leaders they desire, it’s more of like a father allowing his son to chose a wife on his own instead of an arranged marriage, that is what real democracy is and that is what we dream to see.

Democracy is helping the less fortunate countries built better economies, eradicate poverty, lower down the rate of illiteracy, eliminating hunger, protecting and preserving mother nature, having one goal and one big huge word family, where colour gender, race, sexual orientation, class or physical appearance is a thing of the past.

Once a wise man said that if you tell a lie and repeat over and over again sooner or later the society will take it as the truth, democracy, as we have learned from the media, is when good leaders are termed as dictators while the real bad ones happen to be heroes,

America, United Kingdom, France and many other European countries done this since the time of slavery, to this time of neo-colonialism, stealing all the way from Asia Middle East and Africa.

Just a few questions you to ask yourselves why is it whenever they land in a country in the name of democracy that country never recovers and what follows is tragedy, war poverty and deaths, they landed in African during the colonial periods what followed what slavery deaths and later after that was war in every single part of Africa.


They invaded Iraq in the name of Nuclear weapons  which they themselves have alot after invading and killins millions of civilians no weapons were found  in the name of removing Sadam Hussein to bring democracy but today there is war deaths and hunger in many parts of Iraq a country which once was peaceful and reach in history now it’s only the ruins that remain they did so with Afghanistan, so that they could take over the Opium plantations, they killed Gadaffi because the threat and the power he had to change the African continent and make it great again just like in the time of the first civilisation of the Nubian empire.

IRAQ  Libya Syria and Yemen before  and after Us Democracy



They introduced terrorism  but somehow did not through right after Neto went to Libya that was only when slavery started in Libya,

My fellow citizens of the earth a day is coming when Babylon shall fall  like a huge landslide and my people shall b free once again but don’t get tired, of fighting for that change you want to see, the battle might be hard, but inch by inch we shall conquer this the devils in the curtains.

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