Stop complaining

So yesterday  I left the house happy energetic and ready to face this challenging day, as I was walking  through the streets people were staring at me not because I was an alien to them but they could not imagine how  it was possible for a normal human being to walk outside while the temperatures had risen all the way to 50degrees in the Arabian Gulf.

Upon reaching the bus station I found a group of people who were also waiting for the bus but the difference between them and me is that they were sweating, their clothes were all soaked with sweat, while I was as dry as a baked bread, so they were also staring at me and wondering how is this possible, until finally one tall brownish looking young man approach me and made a comment which was somehow humiliating.

He looked at me from head to toe, adjusted his pants and he said the words made me feel like I would smash him on the head ”so it must be very hot in the jungle haa that’s why you ran away from there, I know it’s very cold for you here” maaamayee!!!!!!  I screamed but silently in my inner me coz I was burning with anger, I wanted to eat this man alive so that when he dies God will look at him and say what happened to him am sure I did  creat him this way.

To cut the long story short I just looked at him smiled and looked away because I know that people are soo frustrated nowadays right from home, the place of work, the society, and their governments maybe that they cannot even think of simple solutions like cooling yourself down if you know you will be walking in a hot environment as such, to wet your clothes which take away the heat hence you don’t sweat nor do you feel the heat.


The Message am trying to pass across is that we have a solution for each and every problem we encounter but instead have been trained to complain more than to solve issues to blame more than to learn how others are doing things.







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