It takes the whole village to raise a child

images  A Chinese bamboo tree is very famous because of its height and the market value that it holds, but all this greatness does not come with a silver spoon but it takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and patience before the farmer gets to enjoys the fruits of his or her labour.

It takes 5years of watering and fertilisation. every single day and if at any point if this does not happen the Chinese bamboo tree will die on the ground, after 5yrs in only 6 weeks it grows 90fits tall, isn’t   that amazing? but the question is does it take 5years or 6 weeks to grow well the answer is that it take 5years to nature it, to build that foundation, to build the credibility.

What if the parents today applied that philosophy and use it to bring up their children, we won’t be having the likes of Donald Trump but rather the likes of Paul Kagame, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many more whose lives changed millions of people.

The parents nowadays have lost track in bringing up their children that is why we have a generation of young people who cannot give a seat to olds folks  or a pregnant  woman in  a bus or a train, a generation that cannot take risk but they expect everything to be done for thema generation of cowards, I was brought up in a way that whenever I did anything wrong whoever who was older had the right to punish me on behalf of my mother and he or she will make sure that my mother knows and that is why I became who I am today, it was the mandate of the whole town or village to bring up a child in the right way. In other words parents during those days planted a bamboo tree in their young ones and let the society help in fertilising and watering it until when it broke the ground, and with that, they were able to produce strong courageous and fearless members of the society.

They canned you when you were young, they reasoned with you when you were a teenager and once you were 18yrs old now you could decide for yourself, unlike this lost generation whereby the Kids can say what they want to whoever they want and get away with it, they can publicise their bodies on social media for the sake of likes  and the parents do nothing, can’t we see that we are heading in the wrong direction.

Our children follow what we teach them and what we do, kids will never hate discriminate, love or be racist if they were not either taught by their parents or the society at large, therefore I say that we still have room  to change as parents to make the world a better place because other planets are occupied already.


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