You only need water to live a healthy life

waterWater the most common substance in the universe,  but the question is where did it come from?, why is it soo eminent into our lives, it cover 70% of the earth surface and soo is our body, this ancient element has been there since the bygone age of the creation of the earth by the Almighty and until now it is still very very essential to us in our daily lives.

”Water is life ”is a slogan that has been there since the time of Adam and Eve it was there long before the earth was created  it covered the whole surface of the earth at that time, you will agree with me that it is a magnificent element that gives life to plants, the sea creatures, and the human beings because every time a mother is about to deliver a baby you hear them shouting ”oooooh ooh the water just broke so technically that fluid in the mother’s womb is what preserves that child that is why it makes 70% of the human body.

When I was young I inherited this behaviour of taking a lot of tea from my  tenacious African queen or my mother, I used to take a minimum of ten cups of tea per day, well I thought at that time that this was not harmful to my body, moreover it was just tea, in 2009 I left my country to Bahrain, where this habit became even more vehement, later on I started being sick, more often, I had fever like every week  and flue was part of me just like a gun is to  soldier, or like lies is to a politician, hospital and pharmacy became my most favourite centers, my friends used call me a dead man walking, I even almost lost my eyesight, a headache made my head feel like it was 10000 pounds heavy, I used to blame God for allowing this to happen to me little did I know it was not Him but me.

One day I came across an article that talked about water being used as medicine in Japan so I said that I was going to try it out, so I did as the article said which was to take 4 glasses of water in the morning after waking up then wait for 45minutes before taking breakfast, for the first few weeks it was very difficult, but after some few weeks it was okay.

After  the third week I started seeing changes in  the body my skin became healthy and shiny once again, my digestion became better, the urine became clean and pure my eyesight improved I could see well and the light  especially the sunlight never affected me anymore, I never get fever anymore like I used too and I get it I never rush to the pharmacy, because all ou need is H20 to bring down your body temperature

Water carries a very great and strong healing power especially the alkaline water because your body functions well in an alkaline state than in an acidic state


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