Fly With Me

I wish  was dove then I would fly the whole world preaching peace love and harmony  every human being and creature I fly upon,  I would start my journey in the Nyika plantues of the grassland savannah of Kenya  and remind  them of a 1000  men and women who were slaughtered during the 2007 post-election violence, my tent will be pitched there  until they all understand that they are one people and that a kikuyu goes to borrow salt from a luo  because he or she is the only neighbour a kalejin depends on a Nandi when there is hunger and famine, I will not even eat or drink until when they understand that the power belongs to them and not to the politicians until they know that they are the driving force of that country aa well as  the economy, as soon as they understand, thats when  I will spray the whole entire country with perfumes of forgiveness, love, and humanity, shade all my feathers which they will use  whenever the love seems to fade away they will use them as  a sigh to remind them from where they came from, and alaas!!!!!  my mission will be completed in kenya
I will fly over the Murchison falls of Uganda and I will see   president Kaguta Yoweri Museveni’s leadership crumbling down because I will have awaken my sleeping sons and daughters who will have risen up to the glory and will be rulling themselves.since there will not be soo much to do in UgandaI  will extend my journey to the heart of Africa Rwanda and give Kagame a High five and a hug for the great work he has done after the Rwanda genocide in 1994, I would stay for some few days  there and breath in the fresh air of the this wonderfull country  eat the best cuisines prepared by the most talented queens of the East.
I will continue with this magnificent journey to  what is  todays Babylon (USA) I will go there with the intention of destroying this sinful county but I shall be stopped by the innocent souls of young children, women,and men,  and for the sake of them I will do an emergency evacuation then  afterwards I will burn it with flames of fire and make sure it disappears  from  face of the earth, because the problems it has caused our mother earth is unbearable. It has killed thousands in Iraq, Vietnam,  syria, Libya,sudan and many others just to mention a few, the blood of this innocent souls keeps on crying everyday yet no one is there to listen to them, because I know once I destroy her then the whole world will be in peace, No war, no global warming, no illness both physical and mentally, no hunger, or famine, no man-made calamities.
After this is done I will take a long vacation at countryside in the Caribbean and enjoy sweet Bachata salsa mixed with some African jazz  music while sipping glass super cold virgin mojito while waiting for my hot Ugali and sukuma wiki to be delivered from the coastal part of Kenya.
From then I will sleep in peace every single night knowing that I will have brought peace to this beautiful mother earth, and this my friends is a dream that I  will  live and maybe die  for, because we might say that its too late to give it a try but I know only wjen its dark enough can you see the stars




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