Is school education empowering us or Enslaving us.

  Do you remember that first day when you were taken to school and you cried the whole day ?simply because you wanted to go back home with your parents, or can you recall a day that you said that ”OOOOH I wishI could spend my whole life in school”, well am very  sure none of us has ever altered such words, because no one likes school! but what makes us wake up every single day is becuase of the fear that has been planted in us when we are reminded that if you do not shine in school then your life will be miserable and you will never be successful, or when your parents only considers  the only real careers are when you work in big offices which you do not even own, if not  you are seen as a disgrace to the family and the society at large  
The education systems that has been designed for us is soo bad that it reduces us to nothing less than modern slaves, well look at it this way you are born, after some years you are taken to nursery school then primary all the way to secondary perhaps if you are lucky you proceed to university, you graduate and look for a company that you will work for the rest of your life then later get married and eventually die, when you are worn out, perhaps poor ,bankrupt or maybe even die without spending the money you have collected in years.
The system focuses on producing labours  and humble employees(slaves) who are loyal to their employers (masters) rather than producing innovators, businessmen and women,leaders and others who can bring positive change into the world but oooooooh no they cant do that because this world is controlled by few powerful men and women who if they change the education systems that means empowering more people hence the number of billionares will be in every household which means their  power will be greatly reduced,  therefore they won’t be able to control the world like they do now.
They never tell you in school that talent pays  or you don ‘t have  to be a graduate to start a business and if it is soo Richard Branson will not be owning one of the biggest companies in the world, Michael Jordan would not have reached where he reached in basketball arena, or maybe I would not be writing this article because I will believe that am not good enough to do so,maybe Doctor Sebi would not have been the person he became before he was killed, all am saying  is we should not let school define our future, a human brain is very powerfull and it can do miracles  it doesn’t matter if  you are black, white green, blue or whatever colour you might be, wether you are rich or poor, male or female we all have the same brain structure the difference comes on how you train it and what you feed your brain, the choice is your. 
RISE Above 

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